Release Notes 2.2.22 Mobile

This page details the features in the iOS version of the AppBoard 2.2.22 Mobile app.

1. New Features

  • Created an Alternative Widget option for Widgets that will display a configurable Status List in Widgets on mobile devices when they are otherwise not supported by the device. (1204)
  • Enhanced labels in Charts to support slashes on mobile platforms. Also, fixed some font issues that were temporarily introduced as part of this enhancement. (1982)

2. Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue where items in a Bullet Chart Widget had no datatips when viewed on mobile devices. (1915)
  • Fixed issue where date/time axis labels were not displaying correctly in the mobile client for some chart Widgets. (1900)
  • Fixed an issue where images from the icon library were not displaying in the mobile app. (2005)
  • Fixed issues on mobile platforms where icons were not loading. (1207) (1720)
  • Fixed an issue where changes to role settings on the server configuration screen were not saved. (1904)

3. Known Issues

  • Custom images are not available to display on mobile platforms. (2005)