Release Notes 2.2.8

Page Contents

1. Introduction

Version 2.2.8 is a version of AppBoard that was released on June 8, 2012. This page summarizes the New Features, Resolved Issues, and Known Issues in that release.

2. What is AppBoard

AppBoard is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. AppBoard allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward builder environment. The end result is powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

3. New Features

This section describes the enhancements to AppBoard in version 2.2.8.

  • Enhanced Advanced Table Widget to support sorting by date fields. (1367)
  • Enhanced Actions Bundle editor to be maximizable for working with complex configurations. (1697)

4. Resolved Issues

This section describes the resolved issues in AppBoard version 2.2.8.

  • Fixed an issue where some aspects of the layout of a Widget on a Board were lost when switching a Widget from one Board to another. (1243)
  • Fixed an issue where the Server-side sort option in the Data Collections configuration panel was not sorting the data in some cases. (1461)
  • Fixed an issue where the map color icons were very large when the Vector Map Widget was configured to be pre-zoomed to an area. (1560)
  • Fixed an issue in the Tree Map Widget where the bread crumb display was not managing branches appropriately in certain cases. (1574)
  • Fixed an issue in the Gauge Widget where percentage values matching the top threshold were not handled correctly. (1745)
  • Removed the grouping option from the Advanced Table since it was not supported. (1755)
  • Fixed an issue in the Internet Explorer browser where the frame for the AppBoard viewer is not rendered properly and it looks like there is black space below the plugin causing a scroll bar around the viewer. (1780)
  • Fixed an issue where once a selection has been set by an Action, it will sometimes override a subsequent user selection made by interactive clicking. (1719)
  • Fixed an issue where the backup archive was storing some Data Source filters with URL encoding characters. (1730)
  • Fixed some issues in the Advanced Table Widget that could cause the system to crash when sorting the data in the Widget. (1669)

5. Known Issues

This section describes the known issues in AppBoard version 2.2.8.

  • When using a "Widget Comparison" filter while Switching to a Board with a Server-side Filter Action, with Bundled Actions, the queries do not fire and only the Switch To Board Action is performed, leaving the data showing what was last queried by the previous selection.
  • In the Google Earth Widget, any time the Stack disappears from display and re-appears Google Earth provides an error message until the browser is refreshed.
    • Workaround: Only display the Google Earth Widget on screens that will remain on permanent display
  • You can create a context between a Widget and a Board by using the "Add Board" option in the "Launch A Board" Action. There is not currently a way to view or edit this contextual association between the Widget and the new Board.
  • Issues with Advanced Table Widget:
    • Clicking column labels to sort in an Advanced Table Widget can cause the browser to freeze in some situations
    • Using the Advanced Table Widget for grouping with large data sets may cause performance issues
  • In the Google Map Widget, all of the Symbols/Badges will appear above the Status Shapes. If you have enough clustered together, it looks mashed together.
  • After downloading a template, AppBoard may not be able to save changes. The workaround is to refresh the browser, and then saving will work again.

6. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of AppBoard, please see the support page for contact information.