Release Notes 2.3.4

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1. Introduction

Version 2.3.4 is a GA_Candidate version of AppBoard that was released on January 9, 2013. This page summarizes the New Features, Resolved Issues, and Known Issues in the 2.3.4 release.

2. What is AppBoard

AppBoard is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. AppBoard allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward builder environment. The end result is powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

3. New Features

This section describes the enhancements to AppBoard in version 2.3.4.

  • Enhanced the Vector Map Widget to display on Android mobile devices. (2110)
  • Created enhanced documentation on the use of the Theme Editor (1893), and implemented sub-labels in the Theme Editor to help clarify the different types of theme controls at a more granular level (2186).
  • When using a Quick Filter in a Widget, enhanced the spacing of the labels to better match the text of each individual label and eliminate unnecessary use of extra space. (2126)
  • Improved the error messaging provided when failing to connect in registering a JDBC or SQL Data Adapter(2171)
  • Added a global Padding setting, allowing the amount of padding between Widgets to be configured in custom Themes. (391)
  • Added more intuitive component for selecting icons from library, including thumbnail icon preview images. (1624)
  • Enhanced Stack ordering for a Role to display based on the order that the Stacks were assigned to the Role. (2218)

4. Resolved Issues

This section describes the resolved issues in AppBoard version 2.3.4.

  • Removed the Comments Widget.
  • Corrected issues where the Refresh A Data Collection Action was not refreshing the data in some cases. (1430)
  • Fixed an issue where a Table Widget was developing extra padding in some cases after it was edited. (2173)
  • Fixed an issue where a Table Widget is displaying a column of data from an association, and the user clicks on that column's header to sort by that field, producing a 1009 error. (2104)
  • Fixed an issue arising in some cases when multiple fields are used to generate a primary key, where AppBoard would show fewer records in the dataset than were in the original data source. AppBoard will now just use a string for the generated apb_id rather than hashcode of the primary key attribute values (when there are multiple). This change could potentially break some diagrams that were using items that had muliple primary keys (2184)
    • Note: Customers who were using the AppBoard generated "id" column for comparisons may show changes in behavior when upgrading to this version. The AppBoard-generated id column is generally not intended for use. In situations where the data naturally has its own "id" column, it can be used.
  • Reverted the SDK version from 4.6 to 4.5.1 to address several issues that were caused by the newer SDK. (2192)
  • Fixed several minor issues observed in the Diagrammer Widget: (2101)
    • When changing the selected diagram and selecting ‘Use Selected’, after returning to the Widget in some cases it does not reflect the diagram change.
    • When adding a new diagram via Manage Diagrams, after selecting it and tagging as ‘Use Selected’ the diagram does not get reflected until a full browser refresh occurs.
    • When adding a new diagram via the ‘Add Diagram’ button, the Widget config does not appear to update.

5. Known Issues

This section describes the new known issues in AppBoard version 2.3.4.

  • None

6. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of AppBoard, please see the support page for contact information.