Release Notes enPortal 5.3.19

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1. Introduction

This page provides information about version 5.3.19 of enPortal, which was released on July 25, 2013. This page summarizes the New Features, Resolved Issues, and Known Issues for this release.

2. What is enPortal

Edge enPortal is the industry's only secure, vendor-neutral network management integration platform. With pre-built Product Integration Modules (PIMs) for common third-party applications, enPortal is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution that quickly integrates these network management tools and offers advanced capabilities including:

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Sign-Off
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Re-branding
  • Role/domain-based access via a secure proxy data

3. New Features

This section describes the enhancements to enPortal that are included in version 5.3.19.

  • Updated the LDAPsync channel to default to select the "Roles Only" check box. This reflects the recommended approach of syncing only Roles, since the volume of Users is often too high. (EN-2)
  • Added portal apply command that can be used to restore an archive without overwriting certain local configuration files. (AB-52)
  • Added documented support for Scientific Linux, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux Operating Systems (AB-113).
  • Added a configuration option that will show the last logged in time in the enPortal LAF banner by adding the following line to (2315)
    • jsp.showLastLogin=true
  • Upgrade Tomcat version to 7.0.40. (AB-227)
  • A new Product Integration Module (PIM) is available for CA Spectrum. (INT-30)
  • A new Product Integration Module (PIM) is available for SevOne NMS. (INT-34)
  • A new Product Integration Module (PIM) is available for Infoblox Network Automation. (INT-26)
  • A new Product Integration Module (PIM) is available for Infoblox Grid Manager. (INT-27)
  • A new Product Integration Module (PIM) is available for BMC ProactiveNet. (INT-36)

4. Resolved Issues

This section describes the resolved issues that are included in enPortal version 5.3.19.

  • Fixed an issue where the Proxy settings for an integration target were not being persisted in some cases. (662)(EN-1)
  • Fixed an issue in the Password Policy editor where the password match rule was not displaying true/false match expressions in the password syntax rules list. (2350)
  • Fixed an issue in the DTD definition file that was preventing PIM targets from being disabled through the Integration Manager UI. (EN-8)
  • Enhanced restore utility on Unix operating systems ( command) to support spaces in the archive name. (AB-196)

5. Known Issues

This section describes the new known issues in enPortal version 5.3.19.

  • None

6. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of enPortal, please see the support page for contact information.