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1. Introduction

This page summarizes the new features, resolved issues, and known issues in AppBoard version 2.5.2 released on March 9th, 2015.

A number of issues with the new Server Polling feature were discovered with the initial 2.5.2 release. To address these issues an updated release was made on March 31st - see below for items addressed specifically with this update. For customers already deployed on please contact support for a patch to upgrade to

2. What is AppBoard

AppBoard is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. AppBoard allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward builder environment. The end result is powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

3. Supported Platform Changes

4. New Features

  • Added new Server Polling feature that can be enabled per Data Collection to ensure the data cache is always filled. The primary use case is to handle slow responding data source queries and always be able to respond immediately to client requests. For more information refer to the Caching & Polling overview. (AB-915)
  • Added a powerful new feature for configuring Actions in Widgets. Actions can now be selectively fired based on the specific data attribute (column) acted upon by the user, in any Widgets where this is supported by the Widget type. For example, different Actions can be applied based on clicking in different columns in a Table Widget. For more detail, see Action Filtering. (AB-928)
  • When making JavaScript calls in the HTML Widget, enhanced the efficiency of data transfer by upgrading to pass the full data collection in a single request. (AB-929)
  • Enhanced the Database Query settings to provide a query timeout that will terminate the query if the timeout is exceeded. This includes options for a global system default query timeout, and a timeout for each individual query entity. (AB-896)
  • Enhanced the Export process to include the associated Data Sources when exporting a Stack. (AB-924)
  • Added a "Search Text Delay" timer configuration setting to the Show Search Text Option. The timer improves the user experience by deferring search processing to avoid unnecessary updates between keystrokes. (AB-954)
  • Updated the Flex SDK build version, which provided the following improvements: (AB-956)
    • Decreased SWF file sizes for the AB client, with savings in the order of 30%
    • Reduced total size of product installation package
    • Decreased un-cached loading time of clients the first time they access AppBoard
  • Added several more example HTML Widgets: (AB-985)

5. Resolved Issues

  • Upgraded to Apache Tomcat version 7.0.59 to address CVE-2014-0227. (AB-980)
  • Upgraded to Xalan 2.7.2 and Xerces 2.11.0 Apache libraries to address CVE-2014-0107. (AB-930)
  • Upgraded to HttpClient 4.4 Apache library to address CVE-2014-3577. (EN-187)
  • Upgraded to Commons FileUpload 1.3.1 and POI 3.11 Apache libraries to address multiple CVEs. (AB-965)
  • Fixed an issue where The {webapp.home}/custom/ directory was being excluded from archives in the default configuration. For more information on customizing archives, see Backup and Recovery. (AB-802)
  • Fixed an issue where, in certain rare cases, the chart widget legends for all charts on a Stack would not display upon initial load. (AB-923)
  • Fixed an issue where map links were not preserved when completing an Export and Import for a Tile Map Widget. (AB-917)
  • Fixed an issue in the Scrolling Text Widget where in some cases the data did not display correctly in the Widget, especially if the data has only one value (row). (AB-941)
  • Fixed an issue with the HTML Widget. When reloading the HTML Widget, the callbacks were not called, which resulted in an empty frame. Fixed the Widget to call the callbacks when the Widget is first created and when the frame is reloaded. (AB-953)
  • Fixed an issue in the Table Widget which occurred when the administrator set a custom text color in the Theme Editor. The Widget was using the legend label color rather than the proper text color settings. (AB-964)
  • Fixed an issue where accented Spanish characters in an archive could cause the import or restore processes not to work properly. (AB-934)
  • Fixed an issue in the HTML Widget where, after saving the configuration, the next time the widget was re-loaded it would not get its configuration from the server. (AB-971)
  • Fixed an issue in the Table Widget where the column widths of Table Widgets were not calculated correctly on Stacks that are not visible on initial load. (AB-975)
  • Fixed an issue in the HTML Widget where some string elements were being encoded but then not un-encoded in the client. Updated the process to more consistently encode/decode strings. (AB-977)
  • Fixed an issue where a user in the portalAdministration role retains access to all stacks after the role assignment is removed. (AB-988)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when accessing an LDAP repository that contains backslash ("\") characters. Added logic to encode the characters, enabling them to be handled properly. (AB-978)
  • [] Fixed renaming Data Sources if Server Polling enabled on related Data Collections. (AB-998)
  • [] Fixed Tomcat failing via shutdown port due to Server Polling scheduler. (AB-1001)
  • [] Fixed an issue in the Tile Map Widget where link lines were not drawn unless Auto Zoom was enabled. (AB-1003)
  • [] Fixed unrecoverable error when enabling Server Polling on Data Collections with Server Side Filters configured. Also addressed related deadlock issues. (AB-1005)

6. Known Issues

AppBoard version addresses the known issues listed below.
  • If Server Polling is enabled for a Data Collection then it can no longer be renamed. A workaround is to temporarily disable Server Polling, rename the Data Collection, then re-enable Server Polling (AB-998)
  • Tomcat is not shutting down cleanly if a shutdown is triggered via the shutdown port ( command). The workaround is to use the command instead, if not running as a service. (AB-1001)
  • Enabling Server Polling on a Data Collection that has a Server Side Filter configured will result in a client error. Restarting the AppBoard server after this operation will lead to an unrecoverable error. (AB-1005)

7. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of AppBoard, please see the support page for contact information