Switch to a Board

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1. Overview

Switch to a Board is the main navigation mechanism in AppBoard other than the Stacks available to the user. Typically this action is used in conjunction with other actions to either drill-down in context to show another dashboard with additional information, or cross-navigate to another board in context.

For example, a top level dashboard may show a summary of application health. By clicking a particular application this can trigger a Switch to a Board action, along with some other SSF or CSF filtering actions, to present another application specific dashboard showing more details about the selected application.

The Switch to a Board action will only work if the target board is part of a stack provisioned to the role of the logged in user.

2. Configuration

example Switch to a Board configuration

Refer to Managing Actions for general information on adding / editing / deleting actions.

The following settings are available:

  • Board: a drop-down selection that selects the target board. If the target board doesn't exist yet you can use the Add Board button for convenience to create a new child-board.
  • Use Context Label Field: Enabling this, and selecting a field from the data collection, will add the value of the field based on the row selected by the user to the child-board title in the board breadcrumb trail. So for example:
  • no context label: Child Board
  • with context label: Child Board: Field Value