Topology Drill Down

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The "Topology Drill Down" Action allows the User to click in one Widget and then invoke a drill down operation in another Widget. The other Widget in this case must be a Topology Widget with drill down capability.

When the user selects an item in a Widget with the "Topology Drill Down" Action, the associated Topology Widget will automatically drill down, as if the User had clicked the same item in the Topology. This allows the topology to update in sync with other Widgets on the Board, based on the user's selection.

1. How To Create a Topology Drill Down Action

For instructions on adding a Topology Drill Down Action, see the general instructions in How To Create an Action in a Widget.

2. How To Configure a Topology Drill Down Action

Perform the following steps to configure the "Topology Drill Down" Action for a Widget:

  1. Create a Topology Widget with Auto Node Drill Down set to "Enabled".
  2. Create a second Widget that uses a Data Collection that matches the Data Collection that provides the records in the topology into which the User will want to drill down.
  3. In the second Widget, follow the instructions above to create the Action in the Widget Actions panel.
  4. Name: Enter a name for this Action. For convenience, a default name is provided. The Name is not used anywhere else in AppBoard, and only displayed on this configuration page.
  5. On selection of:
    1. Select "any" or "specific" for the type of data selection by the User that will trigger the Action. When selecting "specific", perform the following additional steps:
      1. Click the Filter button. The Filter Editor is displayed.
      2. Click Add Rule to create one or more rules that indicate what data should trigger the Action, when selected.
      3. Click Close to save the Filter settings.
    2. Select the Data Source name. When the Widget is run, selection of data in this Data Source will trigger the Action.
  6. Under Topology Widget, select the name of the Widget to drill down in when the Action is invoked.

3. Sample Use Case

Suppose a Board has three Widgets:

  1. A Topology Widget, showing Services (top level) with links to locations (first hop) and then servers within the locations (second hop).
  2. A Table Widget, listing the locations.
  3. A Pie Chart Widget, showing numbers of alarms.

When the user clicks on a location record in the Table Widget, the following result is needed:

  1. Filter the Pie Chart Widget to only show alarms for the selected location.
  2. Drill town in the Topology Widget to show the servers for the selected location.

To accomplish the second item, create a "Topology Drill Down" Action. The target of the Action would be the Topology Widget.