AppBoard 2.6 FAQ - Custom Solutions

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This page answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AppBoard custom solutions.

For FAQs about enPortal custom solutions, see the enPortal Custom Solutions FAQ

1. AppBoard Custom Solutions

1.1. Can AppBoard dashboards be displayed inside of a Microsoft SharePoint Portal?

SharePoint is an ASP.NET based solution, so AppBoard cannot run in same process. You could run AppBoard on the same server, but there is no advantage to doing so over hosting on another server. The integration would be the same.

AppBoard views could be presented inside of a custom web part for SharePoint (like J2EE widget). The web part simply would reference AppBoard via some URLs and parameters that have access credentials and desired Stacks. This would be similar to how any portal could integrate AppBoard content. This approach is not yet polished, but it is something that has been done before. It is actually easier to integrate AppBoard into SharePoint than it would be to integrate a SharePoint web part into enPortal/AppBoard, because AppBoard's session management is much easier than .NET's. However, it would require custom ASP.NET development to achieve. Some Sharepoint experience would help with this, although there is not too much involved in making a web part.