AppBoard v2.6.1.5 Release Notes

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1. Introduction

This page summarizes the new features, resolved issues, and known issues in AppBoard version released on April 29th, 2016. This version is a currently supported version.

2. What is AppBoard

AppBoard is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. AppBoard allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward builder environment. The end result is powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

3. Supported Platform Changes

4. New Features

5. Resolved Issues

  • Improved memory handling in the Flash Player client container, preventing buildup of records over extended execution of queries. (AB-1215)
  • Fixed request handling in servicing DataAdapter queries where the copy of runtime settings triggered a deadlock in servicing client requests. (AB-1224)
  • Fixed Kiosk Mode to support "combine authentication and redirect into Kiosk mode in Button display mode" as documented in the 'Accessing AppBoard' section of the AppBoard documentation. (AB-1223)
  • Fixed Diagrammer Widget node initialization where filter rules were not processed the first time the diagram was displayed. (AB-1227).
  • Fixed TreeView Widget not performing click actions. (AB-1220)
  • Fixed Flash Error 1056 when a Complex Filter Widget has a Quick Filter configuration enabled. (AB-1216)
  • Fixed Show Widget Action missing widget selection if the board containing the widget has not been viewed in the current builder session. (AB-1221)
  • Fixed Write Static Value Action not displaying configuration after action is collapsed and expanded. (AB-1134)
  • Fixed restricted access to /visualizer-custom preventing custom flex modules from loading. (AB-1217)
  • Fixed shutdown error where polling endpoints are closed but a runtime error is logged. Issue was due to an underlying compatibility issue with Java 8. (AB-1176)
  • Improved Change Password dialog handling to prevent user from seeing a blank screen after their password has been changed. (AB-1202)
  • Updated Maria JDBC Connector driver to version 1.3.7. This driver is used to support MySQL JDBC connections.

6. Known Issues

  • Improvements made to the Change Password menu inside of AppBoard might be lost when restoring or applying archives from earlier builds. (AB-1202).

7. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of AppBoard, please see the support page for contact information