enPortal 4.6 FAQ

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This page answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to the legacy enPortal version 4.x.

1. Legacy enPortal v4.x

1.1. Can enPortal run as a service?


The operating system hosting the enPortal server can be directed to automatically start the server processes when the computer is booted. This will cause the enPortal AllStart command to be automatically called each time the computer is booted. This automatic startup behavior can be added to your operating system by answering affirmatively when installing enPortal and prompted for service installation. The enPortal service can also be added or removed at any time using the following commands:

portal ServicesAdd
portal ServicesRemove

In Windows, services must be removed and re-added if the location of the JDK changes.
If you create a Windows JSP service (either via "portal servicesadd" or "portaljspserviceadd"), and you are running a 64-bit Java, the service fails with the error "The Windows Search service on local computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs". The workaround is to change to the 32-bit Java version, and then the service works correctly.

1.2. Where can I download updated Apache distributions?

Although enPortal 4.6 can be configured to use Tomcat as the webserver, many legacy enPortal customers use Apache as the front-end webserver. This requires installing a custom Apache build.

Although active development has ended for enPortal 4.6, Edge has continued to provide updated Apache distributions to protect against known security vulnerabilities.

To download the latest enPortal 4.x Apache distribution, contact Edge support to obtain the URL for download.

The Apache builds include the latest updates in April 2014 to address the Heartbleed Bug vulnerability.