enPortal v5.4.1 Release Notes

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1. Introduction

enPortal Version 5.4.1 is the GA version of enPortal. This page summarizes the New Features, Resolved Issues, and Known Issues for this release.

2. What is enPortal

Edge enPortal is the industry's only secure, vendor-neutral network management integration platform. With pre-built Product Integration Modules (PIMs) for common third-party applications, enPortal is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solution that quickly integrates these network management tools and offers advanced capabilities including:

  • Integration of existing web-based tools and applications
  • Advanced Security including role/domain-based access via a secure proxy
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) and Sign-Off
  • Integration with external user authentication systems
  • Branding and Customization
  • Dashboard Views
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Scalability

3. New Features

This section describes the enhancements to enPortal that are included in version 5.4.1.

  • Consolidated structure of Administrator interface to more intuitive groupings: (EN-77)
    • Provisioning: Contains individual channels for configuring the following:
      • Domains & Users
      • Roles & Content Assignments
      • Content Management
    • Web Integrations: Contains individual channels for configuring the following:
      • Application Management
      • System Explorer
      • PIM Import
  • Streamlined two-step PIM installation process to now only require a single step. (EN-77)
  • Enhanced the channel builder, when building a channel from right-click menu on Applications tab. Builder will now default to correct context-sensitive options for the selected PIM. (EN-67)
  • Enhanced backup channel to list system archives in order by date that the backup archive was generated. (EN-56)
  • Restructured the menu system to be more streamlined and user-friendly. (EN-77)
  • Implemented a number of improvements to Channel Targeting features, and updated the documentation to reflect the latest functionality. (EN-49)
  • Enhanced the behavior of the content menu tree to be more intuitive and robust in certain cases. For more detail, see Creating Content. (EN-86)
  • Restored support for the Internal HTTP channel that was supported in previous versions of enPortal. (EN-9)
  • Implemented a Provisioning Web Service feature that facilitates the provisioning of existent content to existent roles. (EN-22)
  • Update the Applications & Licenses screen to better indicate the PIM version and label for each installed PIM. (EN-95)

4. Resolved Issues

This section describes the resolved issues that are included in enPortal version 5.4.1.

  • Implemented several changes to eliminate vulnerability issues that could be reported in scans run by security scanning tools, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injections. Due to this additional hardening, it is possible that some customizations and proxy rules will need to be tested and updated on individual systems. For more detail regarding considerations of this change, see enPortal Security.
  • Removed the hosts.properties and local.properties configuration files from [Install_Home]/server/webapps/enportal/WEB_INF/config/. Most of the properties in these files were no longer in use in enPortal 5.x. Two remaining properties in use (hosts.redundant=false and #hosts.protocol=https) were moved to config.properties. (EN-5)
  • Updated component libraries to fix several issues in the enPortal user interface when using IE10. (EN-31, EN-37)
  • Updated component libraries to latest version, including support for Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). Updated supported browsers documentation to include IE 11. (EN-76)
  • Resolve issue leading to internal exceptions being logged on internal 5xx errors. (EN-45)
  • Fixed the LAF Preview feature in the Look and Feel section of Explorer to properly preview the selected LAF. (EN-25)
  • To simplify provisioning model, removed option to set Actor Look and Feel (LAF). (EN-27)
  • Fixed an issue where a portal exception would occur when displaying tiled content if one of the content tiles was a sub-folder. (EN-24)
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on a target on the Applications tab can sometimes select the wrong target when there are multiple targets for the same PIM. (EN-70)
  • Fixed an issue in the Roles /Content tab where there is strange behavior of the administration pane when using the Reload button. (EN-71)
  • Fixed an issue where, during the Backup/XMLExport process, SHIM expressions were being evaluated prior to being exported to XML files. (EN-72)
  • Fixed an issue in the Backup Download feature where the file path was not being validated. (EN-34)
  • Fixed an issue where new channels added under new folders would not display until refreshing the client or the parent folder. (EN-73)
  • Fixed some issues with the display of sub-menu items. In some cases, an unexpected sub-menu item could be highlighted upon certain combinations of click and mouse-over in the menus. (EN-91)
  • Added session expiration handling logic in auth_handlers.xml to address issue where Entuity PIM was not handling session timeout properly. Fixed related threading issue when using shim expression to set cookie in Request Processor to allow Cookie Manager to send correct cookie value to the Application. (EN-68)
  • Fixed an issue where user sessions would not properly time out when a custom LDAP authenticator was used. (EN-92)
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally a user would receive the error "EXCEPTION:Zero length BigInteger" after a successful password change in enPortal. (EN-101)

5. Known Issues

This section describes the new known issues in enPortal version 5.4.1.

  • When enPortal is not started from the /server/bin/ directory, an issue may be observed with transparency in the drop-down menus. (EN-102)
    • Workaround: Stop enPortal and re-start it from the command line in the [Install_Home]/server/bin/ directory.

6. Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of enPortal, please see the support page for contact information.