enPortal 5.6 FAQ - Compliance

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This page answers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about standards compliance in enPortal and AppBoard.

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1. To what extent does AppBoard/enPortal support the following compliance standards?

1.1. IPv6 (Internet addressing protocol)

enPortal/AppBoard supports IPv6 and is currently deployed in live IPv6 environments.

1.2. JSR 168 (Java portlet specification)

Integration of JSR168 portlets will be seamless, once support for JSR168 is introduced in a future version of enPortal. Prior to enPortal 5.0, JSR 168 portlets could be integrated into enPortal by running the portlets in a separate portal and proxying the portlets as generic web application content.

The enGage engine provides a JSR 168 compliant portlet module. This module can be installed on other compatible frameworks and allows them to leverage the library of PIMs available as embedded portlets.

1.3. JSR 286 (Java portlet specification)

There are two possible contexts of this question:

  1. Can JSR 286 portlets be installed in our container?
    • No we are not a portlet container.
  2. Do we expose our interfaces as JSR 286 Portlets to be installed in another container.
    1. No we do not have our system packaged as a portlet.
    2. We do have our interface packagable as a war; but this is expected to be installed in our Turnkey Tomcat container.
    3. If we were to add the markers for the portlet spec we would need to do this most likely for each portlet container.

1.4. 508 (Accessibility)

enPortal functions as a host for other applications and thus relies on the content from those applications being 508 compliant. However, the custom look and feel that enPortal can provide may be designed to be 508 compliant. AppBoard is not yet fully 508 compliant; however, widgets may be configured using shapes and text in addition to color to enable color-blind individuals to easily determine the meaning of various status symbols and indicators.

1.5. FIPS 140-2 (Cryptography standard)

AppBoard and enPortal use encryption algorithms that are FIPS 140-2 approved, but have not been formally FIPS 140-2 certified. In conjunction with AppBoard and enPortal, providers such as Java, Apache, OpenSSH would need to be certified before formal certification could be achieved.