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Due to licensing restrictions AppBoard ships with a limited set of JDBC drivers. The appropriate drivers may need to be installed to interface with your chosen configuration database or data sources.

For convenience and best practice it's recommended to add the drivers required in your environment to the custom export properties file. This way archives will include the drivers and they will not have to be installed separately. Refer to the Backup & Recovery documentation for more information

Included JDBC Drivers

Database Filename Notes
MySQL / MariaDB mariadb-java-client-1.1.8.jar The default driver used for MySQL and MariaDB connections. Alternatively install the MySQL driver (see below).
PostgreSQL postgresql-9.4-1201-jdbc41.jar

Installing a JDBC Driver

To install a new database driver:

  1. download the driver file or package, usually there is a .jar which is the relevant file.
  2. copy the driver to: [INSTALL_HOME]/webapps/enportal/WEB-INF/lib/
  3. restart AppBoard.

See below for a table of common drivers and where to obtain them.

Database Link to JDBC driver Filename
MySQL mysql-connector-java-version-bin.jar
Oracle oracle-thinJDBC-version.jar
SQL Server jtds-version.jar
DB2 db2jcc4.jar
Sybase (jConnect 5.5) jconn2.jar
HSQLDB hsqldb.jar
Cloudera Impala (Apache Hive) contact Edge support multiple files