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1. PIM Requirements

Vendor IBM
Product BigFix WebReports [Endpoint Manager, TEM]
Product Version 9.1
PIM Version pimA
PIM Package Name ibm.TEMwebreports pimA
enPortal & AppBoard versions / or later
Software Dependencies N/A

2. Features

  • Single sign-on
  • Content removal
    • removal of logo, logout button, change user name and password functionalities.
    • optional configuration to remove the IBM logo (“ShowLogo” checkbox)
    • optional configuration to remove the navigation bar (“ShowNavTabs” checkbox)
  • Complete application functionality present.
  • Preconfigured channels (see below)

3. Pre-Configured Channels

Please refer to below chapter for example screenshots of pre-configured channels.

Channel Name Description
Administration Channel dedicated to the Administration native UI page
Explore Data Channel dedicated to the Explore Data native UI page
Home Channel that displays the default Home page for the logged-in user, including full navigation controls (no custom configuration required)
Proxy Channel that is used by the system to display Management Console channels (no custom configuration required)
Report List Channel dedicated to the Report List native UI page

4. Additional Customization Options

The following are examples of additional PIM configurations or features that could be created to meet specific customer implementation needs.

The below is not an exhaustive list, and Edge Professional Services team will be happy to help with your project and implementation.

  • Creation of new separate channel(s) dedicated to each label type of the “Reports List” view.
  • Option to allow changing user names and passwords through the Administration channel.

5. PIM screenshot examples

Home Channel

IBM BigFix WebReports PIM Home Channel

Report List Channel

IBM BigFix WebReports PIM Report List Channel

6. Reference

Reference Description
System Requirements System Requirements
PIM Installation PIM Import instructions
  • Note: corresponding license is required for a new PIM installation
PIM Specific Installation Steps N/A
PIM Specific Configuration Steps N/A
PIM Upgrade Placeholder: link to standard product documentation to be included here
PIM Uninstallation Placeholder: link to standard product documentation to be included here
Known Issues There are currently not any known issues associated with this PIM