Appboard/2.6/builder/data sources/third party/servicenow

This page provides details for configuring ServiceNow adapters in AppBoard.

In many cases, you will want to pass a parameter value into a query rather than using a static query definition. AppBoard provides a system of variable expressions, called SHIM, that can be used for this purpose. For instructions on this option, see SHIM Expressions.

Data Source Configuration

Configure Connection Settings

The table below details the settings you can configure for a ServiceNow Data Source:

Name Description
cacheTimeout Maximum time a response from the database is kept before discarding.
url The base URL referring to the ServiceNow web service.
httpAuthUsername User name credential used to connect to ServiceNow.
httpAuthPassword User password credential used to connect to ServiceNow.


You can configure one or more queries in each ServiceNow adapter configuration. Each configured query will have a different name and result in a different Data Collection with that name. When naming a query, only alphanumeric characters, underscores, and hyphens are permitted.

Queries - Entity Settings Screen:

Name Description
Name Name of this query entity. Note: if editing the name all references internal to AppBoard are updated automatically, however in some cases Data Processing Scripts may have hardcoded references that will break as a result of the rename. In cases where AppBoard can detect this an error message is presented to the administrator identifying the affected scripts.
Description A summary of the purpose of the query and any details or notes to provide for the system administrator
table ServiceNow table to be queried.
query ServiceNow query expression.
Data Processing Script(s) List of one or more Data Processing Scripts to be run on the query.

Pre-Configured Content

The ServiceNow adapter is pre-configured to present the following data collections:

change_request Change Requests in the last 30 days.
incident_Last30Days Incidents in the last 30 days.
incident_LastYear Incidents in the last year.