Appboard/2.6/builder/help menu configuration

The Help menu is shown both in the Builder and Viewer and by default includes the following entries:

  • Change Password
  • Help
  • About
Help Menu from standard AppBoard 2.6 install.

Default Menu Items

Change Password

The Change Password item will allow a user to change their password.

Changing passwords is only supported for users who are managed within AppBoard. For users managed externally, such as through Active Directory or other LDAP service, this feature will not work. Alternatively this item can be removed or customized to take the user elsewhere for password changes - see Customizing the Menu below.


This menu item will pop-up a window showing the current version product documentation. As this uses the Edge public documentation website then this feature requires an Internet connection.


The About menu provides general information about the versions of AppBoard and its associated components.

Information provided in the About menu includes the following:

  • enPortal Version
  • enPortal Build #
  • AppBoard Version
  • AppBoard Build #
  • Tomcat Version
  • Operating System
  • Java Version
  • Installed Product Integration Modules
The file that manages the About menu configuration is [Install_Home]/server/webapps/enportal/framework/Help/appboard_about.jsp. The AppBoard administrator can modify this file if he or she determines that it contains any information that should not be provided to the end-user. If any changes are made to this file, care should be taken to ensure that the file is manually migrated during system upgrades.

Customizing the Menu

It's possible to change the items shown in the help menu which can prove useful in a production environment where the Help (link to product documentation) and About items may not be of use to the actual end-users. Also it's possible to add new items for convenience.

The following file shows the XML configuration for the menu:


[xml,N] <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configuration>

 <obj className="appboard.actions" id="viewerActions">
   <association name="actions">
     <obj className="appboard.actions.Action" label="Change Password" href="/enportal/servlet/pd/vdir/system/user/password/Change Password" />
     <obj className="appboard.actions.Action" label="Help" href="" />
     <obj className="appboard.actions.Action" label="About" href="/enportal/servlet/pd/vdir/system/appboard/About" />


By default this file is included in full archives of the system and will be retained when upgrading.