Appboard/2.6/builder/system administration/stack assignment

The Stack Assignment administration page provides an interface for the AppBoard administrator to assign Stacks to roles, as well as view, add, and delete roles. Refer to the Role Management page for more information.

Stack Assignment administration page

Assigning Stacks

Assigning stacks is performed by:

  1. Select a role from the Roles list.
  2. This will update the Provisioned Stacks and Available Stacks lists.
  3. Drag stacks from Available Stacks to the Provisioned Stacks to assign a stack, or vice-versa to remove access to that stack.
When a user is logged in they will only have access to Boards within the set of provisioned Stacks for the role the user is assuming. If a user does not have a role assigned they will not be able to log in. If a role is assigned but no stacks have been provisioned they can log in but will see nothing.