Appboard/2.6/builder/system administration/users

The User Management administration page provides an interface for the AppBoard administrator to view and manage domains and users. This is specifically for users managed within AppBoard, for LDAP managed domains and users refer to the LDAP Configuration page.

User Management administration page

Managing Domains

Use the Add New Domain to add a domain, or select an existing domain and the Delete Domain button to delete it.

Domains marked with the orange padlock icon are locked from management on this page, they are either the special internal System domain or LDAP managed domains. Refer to the LDAP Configuration page for more information on managing LDAP domains.

Domains in italic marked as disabled are currently inactive, i.e. users of this domain are not able to log into the system. Refer to the enPortal Provisioning page for more information on managing user sessions limits and enabling/disabling domains.

Deleting a domain will also remove all users within that domain.

Managing Users

For AppBoard managed domains this interface can be used to add users, edit users (change password), and delete users. Setting or changing a user's password is subject to the global or domain specific password policy, see the Password Policy page for more information.

Users cannot be renamed, instead delete the user and add a new user with the desired name and then re-assign roles.

End-users of the system can change their own password within the Viewer by navigating to the Help menu and selecting Change Password. This only applies to users managed within AppBoard, for LDAP managed domains and users changing passwords is outside the scope of AppBoard. The help menu itself can be updated to link elsewhere however.