Enportal/5.6/admin/accessing enportal

Default Access

After a clean install of enPortal using the default configuration the following details will bring up the login screen, and after logging in, will then bring up enPortal. Please note all login page fields are case sensitive.

URL http://<hostname>:8080/
User Name administrator
Password administrator
Domain System

enPortal 5 default login screen

Important URLs

The table below summarizes the important URLs for accessing enPortal.

Component URL Description
Base URL / Redirects to the dispatcher
enPortal /enportal/home Launches enPortal
AppBoard Viewer /enportal/ab/home?viewer Explicitly launch the Viewer, useful for administrators.
AppBoard Builder Safemode /enportal/ab/#safeMode=1 Launches the AppBoard builder in safe mode by disabling all stacks. The administrator can then access the configuration panels to delete or edit the broken component.
Dispatcher /enportal/servlet/pd Displays the login page and/or accepts a number of parameters to allow for login credentials to be passed in and redirection (e.g. login, then redirect to a specific stack, or custom html page, etc.). See the section below for more information on the dispatcher. After logging in the user is redirected to the default home address (see below) unless a redirect is explicitly given.


The dispatcher provides a way to bypass the login screen and pass login credentials via URL parameters. It can also be used to redirect to a different URL once logged in.

Default Home

The default home is used to determine what URL to send a User to when a full path is not provided in the URL, or in cases such as when a User switches to a different Role. By default AppBoard is configured to have itself as the home URL, but in some cases where enPortal is the main interface for end-users then enPortal can be configured as the home URL.

To override the default configuration, and have enPortal as the default home:

  1. edit the [INSTALL_HOME]/server/webapps/enportal/WEB-INF/config/custom.properties file; if it does not exist, create it.
  2. add the following line: dispatch.loginredirect=/enportal/home
The default home URL is a global setting that is not configurable by user, role, or domain - however if it's necessary to have a user login directly to enPortal or AppBoard then they can bookmark the AppBoard or enPortal URLs as shown in the table above.

Login Credentials

The following parameters can be used to automatically authenticate:

  • login: included but not set to any value
  • userid: set to the User Name
  • password: set to the users password
  • domainSelect: set to the Domain

By default it is possible to authenticate using both GET and POST requests. It is recommended to use the POST method as this avoids credentials being logged in the access log. In some environments it may be necessary to completely prevent GET logins, this can be done by editing [INSTALL_HOME]/server/webapps/enportal/WEB-INF/config/custom.properties and adding the line dispatch.loginPostOnly=true. A server restart is required after making this change.


  1. Authenticate and let the dispatcher redirect to the default home page:
  2. Authenticate and go to the enPortal home by implied URL vs dispatcher URL:


To redirect to a specific URL after authenticating use the redirect URL parameter.


  1. Prompt user to authenticate and then redirect to /foo:
  2. Combine authentication credentials with redirect:

Direct Component Access

To directly access a component in Virtual Directory, use /enportal/servlet/pd/vdir/<companent reference>.


  1. To show the about page, /enportal/servlet/pd/vdir/system/About
  2. To access the backup page, /enportal/servlet/pd/vdir/system/util/Backup