Enportal/5.6/admin/system administration/manage sessions


The Manage Sessions administration page provides an interface for the enPortal administrator to view and manage the list of active sessions. Overall concurrent usage is provided along with per-session information including the ability to terminate sessions.

To access the Manage Sessions administration page hover over the Advanced menu and click Manage Sessions.

Manage Sessions administration page

Session Information

The following details are provided for each active session:

Item Description
Domain The grouping that the user of the session belongs to
User ID The identifier for the user of the session
Role The assigned level of access for the user of the session
IP The IP address used to access AppBoard/enPortal for the session
Login Time The starting time of the active session
Last Access Time The last time the session actively performed an action against the system

Click the column heading of 'Domain', 'User ID', 'Role', 'Login Time', or 'Last Access Time' to sort the active sessions by ascending order. By clicking the same column heading a second time, it will be sorted by descending order. The 'Domain' attribute can be configured for Session Manager to isolate and display a specific domain.


The following buttons are available in Session Manager:

Button Use
Terminate Terminate all of the selected sessions
Refresh Updates the active sessions list to show any changes
Details Displays a window showing the number of licensed sessions in use for each registered Domain
Select All Checks all of the check boxes on the list of active sessions
Deselect All Removes all of the checks previously selected

Additional Resources

  • Domain Management: restrict the number of sessions per domain, or disable a domain entirely.