Enportal/5.6/overview/whats new enportal

This page provides a summary of changes in 5.6. For a complete list of all changes including bug and security fixes please refer to the Release Notes.

Major New Features

  • Greatly improved enPortal content provisioning and simplified administration
    • One-click content assignment to a user or role.
    • Easy drag-and-drop rearranging of menu items.
    • New provisioning model hides complexity of access control lists from general administration tasks.
  • AppBoard support
    • Tight integration with AppBoard to allow for easier development and deployment of data visualizations.
    • AppBoard content can be managed and provisioned within enPortal.
  • Streamlined architecture
    • enPortal runs as a web application under Tomcat.
    • No more dependence on Apache, resulting in fewer potential vulnerabilities to manage.
  • Simplified deployment
    • enPortal is now fully packaged as a web application that is deployed into the Tomcat by default.
    • No more dependence on an Apache web server.
    • Delivery package includes full ready-to-run Tomcat with enPortal web application.
  • Improved Look and Feel
    • enPortal Look and Feel is now customizable via external CSS instead of inline style insertion. This simplifies the migration from website design to enPortal deployment and reduces training necessary to customize the site appearance.
    • Menus now support dynamic drop-downs with multi-level drill-down.
    • Stock Look and Feel has been updated in line with today’s top websites.