Enportal/5.6/web integrations/explorer

Explorer administration page

The Web Integrations Explorer is primarily a tool for:

  1. building and managing custom PIMs
  2. enhance existing PIMs with new channel types and handlers

However, it also provides a convenient way to browser the sample content provided with installed PIMs.

The Explorer shows a list of Authentication handlers, a list of installed Packages (PIMs) including system provided packages, and the virtual directory in general (also accessible via Advanced -> Explore System).

For more information on enhancing or building PIMs refer to the enPortal Solutions & Customization documentation.

For more information on content management refer to the User and Content Administration documentation.

Exploring Sample Content

To explore sample content included with installed PIMs first make sure the "sample" target has been configured for the specific PIM on the Applications & Licenses page.

Then browse to Packages -> [pim_name] -> sample. Under this folder will be a list of example channels that can be created using this PIM.

This is a quick way to verify a PIM is installed correctly and able to communicate with an external web application. It's also a good way to explore the capabilities of the PIM.