Appboard/2.6/release notes 2.6.0


This page summarizes the new features, resolved issues, and known issues in AppBoard version 2.6.0 released on August 4th, 2015. This version is a currently supported version.

What is AppBoard

AppBoard is a data integration and data visualization platform that dramatically redefines the cost/benefit equation for the development and deployment of real-time business systems dashboards. AppBoard allows you to connect, integrate, visualize, and interact with your data in a simple, straight-forward builder environment. The end result is powerful, compelling dashboards that summarize data from multiple sources and can be accessed from any device.

Supported Platform Changes

  • AppBoard client requires Adobe Flash Player 18.0 or greater. (AB-1026, AB-1090)
  • Included PostgreSQL JDBC driver updated to version 9.4-1201-jdbc41. (AB-903)
  • SWF (vector) icons are now deprecated and PNG/JPG (raster) icons are used in preference - refer to the Custom Icons documentation for more information on custom icons. This change is to provide better loading and runtime performance. Ensure raster icons are of adequate resolution to maintain good quality scaling, recommendation is 256x256 in size. (AB-1060)

New Features

  • Add support for click actions on Sankey Widget. (AB-1017)
  • Add support Sankey Widget links to skip over fields with empty/null values. (AB-1024)
  • Per-Domain Themes. (AB-26)
  • Support for MDX Queries via XML/A service to OLAP databases. (AB-1036)
  • Improved performance of data collection processing in the flex client. For larger data collections (10,000+ rows) the time taken to process has halved. (AB-1047)
  • Improved performance of passing data collections from flex client over the HTML Widget API. This operation now takes less than half the time it used given the same size data collection. (AB-1046)
  • New Small Multiples Widget based on the HTML Widget API and D3.js. This widget is for visualizing multiple time series stacked horizontally and capable of showing large amounts of data. (AB-1043)
  • Significantly reduced idle CPU utilization of both the Builder and Viewer, particular for larger / more complex deployments with many Boards and Widgets. (AB-1060)
  • Much faster client start-up for both the Builder and Viewer with more progressive display instantiation to offer users more visual feedback. (AB-1060)
  • Added support for Data Mode in the Builder for the Google Map and HTML Widgets. (AB-1081)
  • HTML Widget API now converts AppBoard Date objects into strings with the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS for easier use or processing via Javascript. (AB-1058)
  • HTML Widget API has been extended to expose the current theme name, and widget identifiers. (AB-1037)
  • HTML Widget API now provides access to read or set the widget maximized state. (AB-1057)
  • HTML Widget API now provides a way to access additional Data Collections beyond the primary configured Data Collection. (AB-950)
  • Improve Login Page admin page by providing a list of valid options and a preview window. (EN-217)
  • New example promotional login page edgeMarketing. (AB-970)
  • Additional logging of per-user accesses to enPortal Channels, AppBoard Stacks, and AppBoard Boards for usage statistics purposes. (AB-1002)
  • AppBoardDataService logging messages have been enhanced with cache state information and whether server polling is active for a particular request. The message format has also been improved for easier human and machine readability. (AB-1075)

Resolved Issues

  • Removed Apache Standard Taglib to address CVE-2015-0254. This library is not used by the product. (EN-196)
  • Fix HTML Widget API so that data.columns is valid even if there are no rows in the data collection. (AB-1030)
  • Fix HTML Widget API handling of single quote characters when calling saveConfiguration or setSessionVar. (AB-1013)
  • Improve HTML Widget API so flex-initiated calls for updating the configuration and data collections do not consume javascript failures. (AB-1044)
  • Fix Sankey Widget handling of empty data collections, now the diagram is removed and "no data" message shown. (AB-1023)
  • Fix issue introduced in AppBoard 2.5.2 if the same data collection was used in multiple table widgets then it could lead to client crashes. (AB-1008)
  • Data Sources marked Offline will no longer generate client errors. (AB-922)
  • Fix null pointer exception that can occur with data sources that rely on the GenericAdapter which then requires a server restart to resume polling. (AB-991)
  • Avoid un-necessary redraws on resize events if the new dimensions are the same as the old dimensions. This applies to the Sankey Widget and Heatmap Widget. (AB-1041, AB-1042)
  • Better handling of username case sensitivity with LDAP Domain Adapters. (AB-939)
  • Fix styling of Domain drop-down lists on Role Assignment and Session Variables admin pages. (AB-982)
  • Fix Builder occasionally hanging after editing a Data Source. (AB-570)
  • Fix Theme Editor template selection which was not applying the selected template theme properties. This bug was introduced in 2.5.1. (AB-979)
  • Fix issue with chart legends on widget initialization where the legend should be visible but wasn't. (AB-1025)
  • Fix issue with Google Maps widget where it may reset the latitude and longitude fields when editing the widget. (AB-935)
  • Override BlazeDS logging to avoid excessive messages in certain conditions. BlazeDS logging is now disabled by default. (AB-1032)
  • Stop "Failed to find attribute" warnings from being logged for SHIM query param attributes. (AB-1007)
  • Fix archive restore/apply with Data Source entities that have same name as the Data Source itself. (AB-1059)

Known Issues

  • no known issues

Contact Information

For questions or assistance with this release of AppBoard, please see the support page for contact information