Enportal/5.6/admin/enPortal installation/installation


  1. Obtain the latest GA version
  2. Verify the target system meets the System Requirements
  3. Ensure you have a valid license file



When upgrading there are additional considerations:

  • major version upgrades should be performed in a lab before deploying to production, for example moving from enPortal v4.x to v5.x (see Upgrading from Legacy enPortal). Once any differences have been dealt with, a new version archive can be produced and be used when upgrading to production.
  • ensure you have a full archive before starting (see Backup and Recovery)
  • perform a clean installation, then restore the archive. i.e. never uncompress a new version of the product over the top of an existing install unless directed by support.

Running enPortal

Refer to the OS specific installation guides above for starting/stopping enPortal. Please see the Accessing enPortal page to access enPortal once it's running.

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