Enportal/5.6/web integrations

One of the key features of enPortal is the ability to proxy external web applications. These applications are accessed by enPortal on behalf of the end-user, often with single sign-on and added security, and the content is modified to fit within the portal context. To achieve this behavior, the portal relies on Product Integration Modules (PIMs). These PIMs define the rules required to proxy the application as well as a set of channels that can be used to access specific elements of the proxied application. Before the application can be used within the portal, an administrator must first configure the parameters defined in the PIM specific to the installation environment.

For enPortal to proxy external external web applications it must know what type of application (generic or PIM) and other instance specific information such as what host and port that web application is running on.

The Web Integrations administration menu provides the following functions:

  1. Applications & Licenses: Manage the list of registered application instances, also referred to as Targets. Also view license usage.
  2. Explorer: Used to manage and/or create new PIMs. Also browse sample PIM content.
  3. PIM Import and Export: Used to load or upgrade PIMs onto the system.