1. Obtain the latest GA version
  2. Verify the target system meets the System Requirements
  3. Ensure you have a valid license file


AppBoard ships with a limited set of JDBC drivers due to licensing restrictions. The appropriate drivers may need to be installed to interface with your chosen configuration database or data sources. Refer to the Loading Database Drivers page for more information.


When upgrading there are additional considerations:

  1. major version upgrades should be performed in a lab before deploying to production, for example moving from AppBoard v2.5 to v2.6. Once any differences have been dealt with, a new version archive can be produced and this used when upgrading production.
  2. ensure you have a full archive before starting (see Backup and Recovery)
  3. perform a clean installation, then restore/apply the archive. i.e. never uncompress a new version of the product over the top of an existing install unless directed by support.
  4. it is necessary to log into the Builder at least once to ensure all widgets are upgraded.

Running AppBoard

Refer to the OS specific installation guides above for starting/stopping AppBoard. Also see the Accessing AppBoard page to access AppBoard once it's running.

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